A Passion for Immigration to Canada

Matthew Morawski earned his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alberta in 2007. He proudly joined Sas & Ing in November 2017. Matthew has over 8 years of experience practising law at both national and boutique law firms in Canada, and he is excited to utilize his knowledge to help with your immigration needs.

Matthew’s work as an immigration lawyer is motivated by both passion and purpose. As a child, Matthew and his family successfully immigrated to Canada in pursuit of opportunity. Matthew’s personal story motivates and inspires him to help others who are looking to find a new home in Canada by assisting individuals to travel, study, work and immigrate to Canada.

Matthew MorawskiMatthew Morawski

Matthew also has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and he is eager to help Canadian businesses who are interested in sponsoring skilled employees to Canada.

Matthew believes that travel is the best form of education as it broadens our minds, teaches us how to problem solve, and gives us a better understanding of our world and how we are all connected. He has lived in both Poland and Italy, and his personal travels have taken him across the continent of Europe, through dramatic landscapes in Africa, and among the traditional and mega cities of Asia.

If you would like to work alongside a passionate immigration lawyer on your journey to Canada, please email Matthew at: matthew@sasanding.com

Matthew MorawskiMatthew Morawski

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