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Each year Canada accepts thousands of people as immigrants. Canada is a democratic land of opportunities, a country concerned about the health and welfare of its citizens, which takes a a proactive approach to its economic and environmental future. On many levels, Canada is a very attractive place to call “home”. Immigration is about the global movement of people to meet the world’s changing needs, and for many people around the world, immigrating to Canada represents growth, stability, work and educational opportunities. Canadian immigration lawyers help people realize their dreams of making a life in Canada.

Immigration to CanadaImmigration to Canada

Using Our Canadian Immigration Services

Whether you are an individual or family seeking to immigrate to Canada, or a corporate employer looking for that essential executive or skilled worker, it is important to retain the services of a qualified Canadian lawyer, experienced in Canadian immigration and citizenship law. Vancouver immigration lawyers Sas and Ing understands the importance of helping clients immigrate to Canada in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Who We Work For

Representing clients in Canada and abroad, Sas and Ing’s Immigration Team works closely with individuals, families, corporations, executives, students and universities, government departments, the film and entertainment industry and small business to satisfy their unique immigration requirements. They can be of assistance to the corporation needing the executive, the small business requiring an essential skilled worker, a university seeking the scientist or an entrepreneur looking to establish a business.

Our Canadian Immigration Lawyer Services

Vancouver immigration lawyers Sas & Ing and their Canada Immigration Team can help in the following areas:

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