Posted on - Jan 08, 2015

Catherine A. Sas, QC.

Dear fellow CBA members:

I am seeking election as 2nd Vice President of the CBA. Next year I will have been a CBA member for 30 years. I have been active at the provincial and national levels since I was in law school.

In speaking to colleagues across the country, some ask me “Why do you want to take on this role? Why does the CBA matter?”

I have always felt that the CBA matters a great deal. Our profession needs a strong, respected voice. We need to be able to represent the interests of the Bar and of the legal profession, and to be able to do so in a way to have influence. The CBA is pivotal in asserting legal positions in the Courts and in the development of government policy and law reform. We fill a significant role in our communities by the sharing of information not only among ourselves but with the public in their need to understand and use Canada’s legal system, and to improve it.

My involvement with our professional body, and with its members, has always been an essential part of my career. I ask you for your support. Let’s make the CBA even better.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Sas, Q.C.

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