April 10, 2013: Award-winning Canadian immigrant Nick Noorani, together with Miller Thomson’s Catherine Sas, launched Canada Countdown – a comprehensive eBook on how to immigrate to Canada.

Catherine Sas, Nick Nooranni, and Senator Yonah Martin

Canada Countdown is a thorough and detailed guide to help would-be immigrants turn their dreams of coming to Canada into a reality, from the initial application to their first steps on Canadian soil.

Having worked through the Canadian immigration system himself, Nick shares his experiences as a successful immigrant and lays the foundation for others to follow. Catherine backs up each section of the book with over 20 years of experience assisting immigrants and their families to settle in Canada. Together, Nick and Catherine make a powerful team, assembling everything a person needs to consider when immigrating to Canada.

In addition to outlining how to navigate the maze at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this book will help would-be immigrants get their papers in order. It will also give critical information on living in Canada and how to prepare new Canadians for life in their new home.

Senator Yonah Martin says “Thank you, Nick, for writing Canada Countdown to share the wealth of your immigrant experiences with others preparing to experience Canada themselves.”

For anyone considering immigrating to Canada, Canada Countdown will show you the way to apply and arrive.

Canada CountdownCanada Countdown

A Word from Catherine Sas, QC

“As an immigration lawyer, I have been assisting immigrants and their families to settle in Canada for more than 20 years. The immigrant journey is far more than coming to a new country. It is a complicated application process that may take many years; it is the leaving of familiar territory to a strange new one and it is an emotional journey of resettling and adapting to a new homeland.

While Canada is a welcoming country, the immigration experience can still be a challenge. This book is meant to demystify that ever-changing process by explaining the various avenues for immigration as well as important tips for arriving and settling in Canada.

Naeem “Nick” Noorani has experienced firsthand the experience of becoming a Canadian. The Canada Countdown book offers considerable insight into the immigrant experience. The immigrant’s story is Canada’s story: its past, its present and its future, and it will be Canada’s future for many years to come.

I encourage everyone working through the Canadian immigration experience to understand the insights offered by Nick and myself throughout the pages of the book.”

For more information, go to: www.canadacountdown.ca.