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5 December 2023

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On November 16, 2023, the Province of British Columbia (the Province) announced the prioritization of 25 construction occupations through the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). The BC PNP is an economic selection program that provides an opportunity for employers to nominate workers who seek to immigrate to British Columbia (BC). Let’s see how employers and construction workers can benefit from this new BC PNP priority program.

Construction workers in these select occupations must have a valid B.C. trades qualification, which includes either a valid trade certificate issued by, or an apprenticeship registered with, SkilledTradesBC.

Prioritizing construction occupations in the BC PNP supports the Province’s Homes for People action plan (HFP). The HFP aims to improve housing affordability, in part, by meeting the demand to build more residential housing and infrastructure. Facilitating PR for construction workers is intended to reduce labour supply shortages in BC’s construction industry, enhance further home construction and increase the housing supply and infrastructure in BC.

There are 6 steps to obtain PR through BC PNP. First, an applicant must register through BCPNP Online. Second, an applicant will receive a points score based on a variety of factors, including: directly related work experience, level of education, proficiency in English or French, the hourly wage of the job offer in BC, and the area of employment in BC. Third, the applicant receives an invitation to apply (ITA) for nomination. Fourth, after receiving an ITA, an applicant has 30 days to submit the application for provincial nomination. Fifth, the worker will receive a BC PNP nomination certificate to apply for PR. Sixth, the worker will become a permanent resident of Canada.

The Province’s announcement to prioritize PR for select construction workers is encouraging news for BC employers who struggle to find skilled labour in the construction industry. Prioritizing the construction sector also supports the Province’s broader initiative to make housing more affordable in BC. Both employers and construction workers alike benefit from the Province deeming the construction industry as a BC PNP priority program.

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