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Once you have gone through the process of becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you are still bound by legislative requirements to maintain your Permanent Residence (PR) status. Many people misunderstand the ongoing residency requirement or confuse it with the residency threshold for Canadian citizenship. Furthermore, there are several exceptions to being physically present in Canada that allow you to still satisfy the residency requirement while being outside of Canada and people have a tendency to interpret these "exceptions" to their own advantage without truly understanding their legal significance. Let's review what it takes to maintain your PR status.

Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander issued a news release this Monday entitled "Celebrating Citizenship week, Putting Canada First". Taking a look at processing times for citizenship applications, the Minister really doesn't have much to celebrate. The current citizenship processing time for a "routine application" is taking 25 months! 25 months! And non-routine cases are listed as taking 35 months but in reality are taking much longer. Applicants for a citizenship certificate for persons who are already citizens but require proof of their citizenship are facing waiting times of 6 - 18 months. Canada's processing times for citizenship applicants are deplorable and far from cause for celebration.

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