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I am frequently approached by people who say to me "I want to get my Canadian citizenship - what do I need to do?" To which I reply, "Well, you need to walk before you run". Which means, you firstly need to become a Permanent Resident of Canada, and then, after several years, you may apply to become a Canadian citizen if you meet all the criteria. Let's look at the difference between what Permanent Residency and Citizenship entails.

Once you have gone through the process of becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you are still bound by legislative requirements to maintain your Permanent Residence (PR) status. Many people misunderstand the ongoing residency requirement or confuse it with the residency threshold for Canadian citizenship. Furthermore, there are several exceptions to being physically present in Canada that allow you to still satisfy the residency requirement while being outside of Canada and people have a tendency to interpret these "exceptions" to their own advantage without truly understanding their legal significance. Let's review what it takes to maintain your PR status.

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